Why Starting a Podcast Is Smart For Your Business

One of the good things the advent of mobile technology has brought us is empowerment. Previously, only media reporters could cover an event, only celebrities could have followers, and only anchormen, reporters or VJs could talk on a radio show. Nowadays, these can happen to and can be done by ordinary people as well, including podcasting, a medium akin to a radio show.

Today, we can listen to podcasts not only through iPods and iPhones, but also apps like SoundCloud, Stitcher and Speaker. We can likewise produce a podcast if we have a smartphone. Unlike YouTube videos, anyone can listen to podcasts even if on the go, whether driving, exercising or doing household chores.

Podcasts are very important for social media marketers. A business can broadcast podcasts to share information, such as their company profile, products, services and anything about the industry their business is in.

If you have a company, you can benefit from including podcasts in your marketing plan. Starting a podcast is smart for your business.

Blogging is fine, but many people do not want to read the entire article and would only speed read. There are those who love to just listen than to read. Your business can utilize a podcast to inject your speaking skills and zest which cannot be felt in a blog or article. Podcasts with ideas and accurate information can help establish for your company, an authority in the business.

The podcast is a format for sharing your expertise and knowledge about your industry. Customers want a firm that exactly knows the industry, and podcasts can be a good medium where your listeners can develop their trust in you.

A podcast is very personalized. The audience hear your voice, and it can build a stronger connection between you and them which mere words from a web content cannot achieve. With regular podcasts, your presentation style, values and the way you run your business will become familiar to your listeners. Such familiarity can keep them coming back to listen to you and they can eventually become your potential customers.


Even successful companies have regular podcasts

Consider online Disney podcasts. Listening to them is the next best thing to being in the magical kingdom. It is for Disney enthusiasts who are still anxiously waiting when to grab their top rated bag for Disney world  for the theme park experience. Listening to online Disney podcasts can help ease the anxiety or can keep them updated with the recent happenings.

Worth mentioning is Disney-themed Capture the Magic that features all things Disney, including maps, views, characters, events, trends, photography, contests, which one is the top rated bag for Disney world, online Disney podcasts and a lot more. It helps Disney connect to their customers and keep the enthusiasm about their offerings alive.

Your business does not need to be as big as Disney to start a podcast. Modern technology makes it easier and you can start with simple, useful and interesting topics related to your business. You will likely have a small number of live listeners at first, but with regular broadcasting, you will eventually have more.

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