One of the good things the advent of mobile technology has brought us is empowerment. Previously, only media reporters could cover an event, only celebrities could have followers, and only anchormen, reporters or VJs could talk on a radio show. Nowadays, these can happen to and can be done by ordinary people as well, including podcasting, a medium akin to a radio show.

Today, we can listen to podcasts not only through iPods and iPhones, but also apps like SoundCloud, Stitcher and Speaker. We can likewise produce a podcast if we have a smartphone. Unlike YouTube videos, anyone can listen to podcasts even if on the go, whether driving, exercising or doing household chores.

Podcasts are very important for social media marketers. A business can broadcast podcasts to share information, such as their company profile, products, services and anything about the industry their business is in.

If you have a company, you can benefit from including podcasts in your marketing plan. Starting a podcast is smart for your business.

Blogging is fine, but many people do not want to read the entire article and would only speed read. There are those who love to just listen than to read. Your business can utilize a podcast to inject your speaking skills and zest which cannot be felt in a blog or article. Podcasts with ideas and accurate information can help establish for your company, an authority in the business.

The podcast is a format for sharing your expertise and knowledge about your industry. Customers want a firm that exactly knows the industry, and podcasts can be a good medium where your listeners can develop their trust in you.

A podcast is very personalized. The audience hear your voice, and it can build a stronger connection between you and them which mere words from a web content cannot achieve. With regular podcasts, your presentation style, values and the way you run your business will become familiar to your listeners. Such familiarity can keep them coming back to listen to you and they can eventually become your potential customers.


Even successful companies have regular podcasts

Consider online Disney podcasts. Listening to them is the next best thing to being in the magical kingdom. It is for Disney enthusiasts who are still anxiously waiting when to grab their top rated bag for Disney world  for the theme park experience. Listening to online Disney podcasts can help ease the anxiety or can keep them updated with the recent happenings.

Worth mentioning is Disney-themed Capture the Magic that features all things Disney, including maps, views, characters, events, trends, photography, contests, which one is the top rated bag for Disney world, online Disney podcasts and a lot more. It helps Disney connect to their customers and keep the enthusiasm about their offerings alive.

Your business does not need to be as big as Disney to start a podcast. Modern technology makes it easier and you can start with simple, useful and interesting topics related to your business. You will likely have a small number of live listeners at first, but with regular broadcasting, you will eventually have more.

Running a business is undoubtedly challenging and overwhelming but business owners hold on to it because after all, nothing comes easy in life. No one would like to see their business go down. Entrepreneurs would find ways to the success of their companies.

As the current year is almost finished, everyone is looking towards 2018, businessmen as well. Here are 5 ways to sustain or grow your business in 2018:


1.    Increased Brand Awareness

Having a strong social media can lead to the increase of your overall brand awareness. This is very critical because it should be the end result of being strong in social media in the first place so your brand has a solid foundation. For instance, if your product is an ID badge holder, you can put up a blog that talks about the item so people learn about it, its usage and they can buy it from.


2.    Interact With Customers

One of the basic advantages of small businesses over large corporations is they can interact with customers at more personal level. Though corporations care about their customers, it is challenging for a high-ranking executive to deal with customers face to face. Being locally-based, small businesses can customize their services to the locals.

For instance, a metal roofing company in Georgia, Jackson Metal Roofing provides a free quote from which they can identify specific customer needs. The more you understand your customers, the better you can cater to what they want.


3.    Market Segmentation

A common problem for startups is not understanding the specific needs of their potential clients. This results in unfocused and ineffective market strategies and being unable to effectively resources for fast expansion. This can be addressed with market segmentation, which is dividing the market into customer groups for improved financials, faster iteration of product and increased conversion.


4.    SEO

Search Engine Optimization is still at this time relevant and will continue in 2018. It is among the most powerful methods of improving your business, strengthening your position on the internet. Compared to social media campaigns and pay-per-click, SEO yields long-term returns. It is the most cost-effective methods of empowering your business, cheaper than paid advertising. It is because it generates traffic and brings in qualified leads. Our sample company Jackson Metal Roofing may target keywords like “metal roofing” or “metal products” for its SEO campaign. You can also target the keyword “ID badge holder” if you are selling the item.


5.    Social Media Presence

For the continuous growth of your business, you need to identify a good number of future customers. Let us face it, social media nowadays is big and even getting bigger every day. It is, therefore, beneficial to your business to have a strong presence in social media as it opens a lot of new horizons for business growth.

Social media websites have been growing rapidly, becoming one of the most popular ways for the owners to amass customers and trigger income growth. Most companies now realize that having a website is not enough. They have to be in the social media space as well. Whether you are in the business of ID badge holders or a local roofing company like Jackson Metal Roofing, social media plays is going to play a big role going forward for businesses of all types.

Big businesses have general counsel on staff. Small to mid-sized businesses can also do with this cost-effective strategy and have an attorney on retainer, that is you have a lawyer on call when you need them. From the start of your business up to the time it is growing and you are getting new ideas, you need a lawyer on retainer. If you’re having a bump with the law a couple of times a year, it’s time to reassess your legal expenses and consider retaining a knowledgeable and experienced attorney for your business.

If you need constant legal work, your business will do well with a lawyer on retainer. There are a number of Springfield, Missouri based attorneys that accept this kind of agreement as it is often beneficial for both parties. The lawyer gets paid in advance for his services and the client is guaranteed legal counsel as agreed upon. You can also better plan for your legal expenses and have a more predictable budget for your business. Your retainer agreement will vary depending on your needs.

You and your lawyer will talk about what your business needs, the duration of your agreement and the number of hours you need a lawyer each month. Your agreement can change in the course of time expanding or reducing the number of hours you need counsel each month as you see fit for your business. Take note that retainer fees do not include legal fees for filing a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit and other non-routine legal matters that can come up. If you are scouting for Springfield, Missouri based attorneys, make sure you talk to your lawyer in advance about the type of services that you need. If you don’t want to go overboard with your budget, make sure that your agreement specifies that your lawyer will contact you first if you’re about to cross over the boundary of your budget so you can plan your expenses.

Springfield, Missouri based attorneys on retainer are helpful for your business in times that you need a trusted legal counsel. In the event that you get sued or you file a lawsuit, your lawyer will already have a head start with how your business works so you won’t be bothered with too many legal questions. Your lawyer can check your insurance policies, employee policies and even your real estate agreements to make sure that you’re in the best spot legally. As you work with your lawyer, you should receive an update letter each month. The letter should contain an accounting statement with the details of how much work was done against the retainer, how much time was billed for the work done that month and the total amount billed. Make sure you receive one from your attorney each month.



It all boils down to have a lawyer you can trust to back you up and keep your business protected. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late before you start going through the numerous Springfield, Missouri based attorneys trying to find the one who can understand you, protect your business and someone you can trust with your top-secret ideas and plans for your business.

The true value of finding the best business law attorney possible is immense and should never be compromised. If you are in a hurry, finding the best business law attorney for your situation can be rather daunting. And when you have no clue where to start in searching for a business law attorney, you could be feeling very stressed. We now have created a guideline of practical advice that will help you in your hunt for a respectable business law attorney.

Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for before actively engaging in the search for a business law attorney. There is a difference between a business lawyer and say a criminal defense attorney, so be sure to know what you need. When you are able to start, begin with asking people you know for suggestions or referrals. By getting recommendations from those you trust, you could steer clear of the possibility of ending up with a business law attorney who doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Include internet information about any business law attorney before considering working with them.

Not only do great legal consultants conduct thorough interviews but additionally in-depth interviews with their clients. A legal consultant will have the capacity to offer you better representation in the event that they see more about you under the steady gaze of going into the court so they may solicit an inordinate sum from inquiries. They can’t present your case thoroughly if they don’t know all of the details. You need to look for a new business law attorney if you simply get a set of standard questions and they don’t really ask tough questions.

If you cannot speak with your business law attorney right away when you call his or her office, ask the receptionist when you can expect a return call. Poor communication is the worst thing you can experience when handling a legal situation. However, it’s important to allow your business law attorney to focus on your legal case by avoiding calling him unnecessarily. Always seek services from a business law attorney who is a good communicator as he or she’s going to have a big impact on your legal case outcome.

Remember that even the most qualified business law attorneys can make mistakes. That being said, business law attorneys who are smart will always attempt to learn from those mistakes. Although it’s also necessary to note that a high quality business law attorney understands that not a single person alive is perfect, regardless of who they’re. If they make a mistake in your legal case, a respectable business law attorney is going to ensure that he apologizes.

The availability of shipping in your business could be the incentive that makes you stand out from most. Inclusivity of shipping gives you an extra dose of points for customer service and for the client that makes it a win situation. In the early 2000s, internet shopping became a pleasure for buyers whose errands end on a click of a button. On the other hand, small business owners are on the scramble balancing shipping costs that sometimes cost more than their profit and that could get in the way of success.

For instance, YouTubers (a growing group of digital businesspeople) encourage more subscribers to view their web video channels by giving away monthly online giveaways to keep their viewers from coming back. This would include free shipping.

Having your shipping handled is like having weight being lifted from your shoulders. And yet, when it’s time for you, the business owner, to ship, the reality of costs start to add up. In 2009, PayPal conducted a survey study on the most likely reasons of online shoppers to abandon their shopping carts. 46% cited high shipping costs as a cause of abandoning their purchase altogether. Amongst the 46 percent, 40% would have appreciated a disclaimer regarding shipping prices. (Evans, 2009) This shows that while people do not mind paying shipping fees, they also want a more economical way of getting the job done.

Managing shipping costs for your business would depend on your business’ subsequent goals. Do you want to cut your shipping entirely or reduce it so that you can maintain reliability with your clients? Consider these options if shipping costs are still an inclusion but less of an investment.

Be familiar with your shipping carrier. As with everything, a little research helps. Knowing what you can. Statistics should be available via inquiry, news or online. Your primary resource would be your shipping representative so communicating well with them is ideal. Representatives won’t risk losing a client, so chances are they will try to accommodate you.

Explore other shipping carriers and their offers. Another tip you can use is to compare prices amongst different carriers to see which one has the best offer. Inquire regarding flat rate shipping that will give you a standardized price indication. Small businesses often forget of their negotiating edge so use this advantage well. If you are a frequent shipper, you could suggest to lower rates since you use their services more.

Go Regional. You can get a good deal from your regional carrier. They bring packages to different areas throughout the US. Some of them have partnerships with major retailers (Amazon, Walgreens, etc.). A known advantage of regional carriers is that they can have 15 to 30% cheaper freight rates than their national counterparts. They also have reduced surcharges and accessorial rates. Regional carriers are also faster and capable of same-day deliveries. (Steiner, 2015)

Maximize packaging and supplies provided by your carrier. This is a general tip suggested by most business websites. Having a loyal carrier is the closest you can get to having a sponsor so while you are at it, use their provided equipment and follow carrier conditions to save on costs. Using your own computers, printers, and envelopes can be liable to extra charges. Having excess carrier weight/product volume may also lead to similar consequences. Also having a strong data destruction provider is important and we suggest also Googling “Springfield, MO paper shredding” or a paper shredding service in your area to find one that can help your business in this area. 

Online Payment. Sometimes it pays to do what the client does. In this case, literally. Paying your rates via online of your carrier can save you 60% of express mail. Online carriers also provide you with free pickup services and shipping supplies. This is what auctioneers in Springfield, MO do when they sell things online sometimes.

You don’t have to look far to see that almost everything has been invaded by the internet. The traditional model of business is now being expanded to a wider demographic online—challenging the target market. To answer the question “How does the Internet change the way business is done?”, one can simply answer that it has made things more accessible and swifter. But is a business that is influenced by the internet actually more efficient? We shall discuss the ways of how the internet helps in the evolution of business. Three selective facets of business are to be expounded on— communication, research, and advertising and would be interconnected with the other complementary aspects of management.  


Communication is the flow. Because the internet increases productivity, expect that most, if not all businesses, would use the internet in at least one aspect of their commerce. This is to differ internet-using businesses from online businesses. Not all internet-using businesses are online businesses, but you can guarantee that online businesses are internet-using (and internet-oriented) businesses. The nature of the internet revolves around communication and organization. It takes pieces of information and moves it around. So if you are wanting to get the word out about high quality glazing for windows, which a lot of people don’t know about, you can use the internet as a gateway to reach people and educate them on why they need your product. 

Only in the 2000s did it slowly branch out to commoditizing this service. “The Internet’s function as a critical business infrastructure was thus matched or even surpassed by its importance as a site of commodification, that is, as a site of new industries capable of generating profit growth.” (Schiller, 2015). Connectivity is the word synonymous to communication. Through communication, the internet is the system that would bridge the company’s brand message to its products and services and through its clients. Through the internet, a business can have a limitless viewership. And even if you may not be able to sell a product or a service, a business’s digital visibility alone should create awareness.

A great example of a company executing this well is Essential Fitness, which is a company that sells bodybuilding and Crossfit wrist wraps and are also known for having the best knee wraps for squats on the market. They have utilized the internet is a great way by using it to reach their core audience and communicate with them in a way that wasn’t even possible just 5 years ago even.


Accessibility is the principal development of the internet in research. The ability to access the databases and documents of the best and esteemed institutions and organizations makes information the best resource for research. The advancement of having to engage with primary sources has increased. In the business context, you can have vast information sources with regards to your clients and competitors. Businesses are encouraged to have an online presence on social media sites, and through this, they can participate in the open internet where business dealings become a virtual exchange of services through e-mail, web chats, and conferences. This process saves businesses money. With the extra money, the investment could be designated elsewhere, to improve on product/service quality assurance or marketing.


This aspect of a business is the most influenced by its online environment. If communication dynamics and research gives you the same exposure as every other business, marketing will make people notice you. Marketing achieves a direct goal: that is to attract people to your business for profit. It can be a bit cold on its own. Public Relations, Advertising and Market Research, fall under Marketing. These sub-elements create relatability between the client and the business. (Canada Business Network) With the foundation of the internet being communication, abstract ideas materialize and is translated to codes, words, digital image/art, memes—a perceptible visual language that is acceptable and understood by most. This then becomes a representation of your business: a logo, word composition, vision mission, a brand theme that can be easily made or accessed using the internet.  

In summary, the way the internet has changed business is that it makes a business go places. It can cross boundaries and cultures (Tourism). It makes people conscious of your product and services, and it gives them options. And options create opportunity. It gives people the opportunity to be exposed and to choose something which goes for or against traditional businesses.


Business Operation in 2017 Business Innovations You Should Know

Over the years, business trends have enabled many enterprises to reach a wide target market and establish their brand with stability. As a result, these brands have become one of the longest lasting ones that we see in the market today, as listed in the most innovative companies in 2017.

So by implementing this in 2017, business innovations can aid entrepreneurs like you to become a benchmark in the neighborhood of your competitors.

If you want to implement business innovations in 2017, then it is imperative you learn what makes a company innovative and how to bring innovation to a company to ensure you bring the needed energy to your company to inspire them to take on the challenge to turn their company from a small venture to a big one with multiple business summit awards.

2017 business innovations

What Makes a Company Innovative?

An innovative company is marked by several characteristics which contribute to its overall performance. It is imperative to learn what makes a company innovative for you to successfully follow the strategy the industry leaders implement. The characteristics of what makes a company innovative:

1. Implementing a program or some strategies which are unique, but relevant.
2. Placing value on ideas by funding research and attending a conference.
3. Launches a program despite the calculated risks involved.
4. Encourages a work environment conducive to innovation.
5. Trusting people from the highest down to the lowest positions.

Together with these characteristics, you can implement the year 2017’s business innovations which you have learned from the most innovative companies in 2017 to help you establish your innovation in the market.

What you Can Learn from the Most Innovative Companies in 2017

The most innovative companies in 2017 are marked by several characteristics which made them become a world leader in their respective industries. As a summary of the characteristics of the most innovative companies in 2017 mentioned earlier, the main characteristic of the most innovative companies in 2017 is resilience.

Many business innovations fail at first try, but innovative business owners always find a way to go around the problem and launch a new innovation such as those they managed to come up with in the year 2017’s business innovations.

Business Operation in 2017: Business Innovations You Should Know

Operating a business has been made easier in 2017 with business innovations developed by many entrepreneurs from all around the world. These innovations all aim to maximize efficiency and in turn, help in operating a business to boost market performance. Some of these innovations include:

1. Developing and using technology for business management and administration.
2. Enhancing cyber security and privacy by integrating both.
3. Using technology to bite back those who threaten security and privacy through scamming.

With these business innovations, you are sure to experience a boost in your company’s performance and provide quality services to your audiences.

Business Operation in 2017 Business Innovations You Should Know

How to Bring Innovation to a Company

Knowing how to bring innovation to a company is essential, as this can make your working environment conducive for ideas of innovations which can shape our future. Aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from the most innovative ones by looking at their characteristics and assessing how these have worked to their advantage.

A great example of innovation at work in a company is when they are doing things that are considered outside the box before they become the norm. A company called Capture The Magic has been doing this as they started one of the top rated Disney podcasts and actively discussed topics relevant to their community like top rated Disney moderate resorts and more, all in a way to get eyeballs and listeners to them and help sell their products they sell. This is a great method that I believe will become a pretty common tactic used in brands in the next 5 years.

Keeping yourself updated with the latest business trends can enhance your existing knowledge to help you optimize your brand’s performance.

venture capital advantages and disadvantages

Many aspiring business owners have started to operate their start-ups due to the current conditions of the economy which is suitable for business. The current economic condition is prompting many people to take advantage of it especially since it is slowly stabilizing after the recent economic bubble.

The meaning of venture in entrepreneurship has always been misunderstood, as people often think the investment capital and risks associated with business start-ups are minimal. Little do they know most successful businesses today have started with little to no money. In fact one of the most successful tuxedo chains in Texas started out as Austin, TX tuxedo rentals and eventually moved up to providing Dallas, TX tuxedo rentals but could have gone much quicker if they had some VC backing to their business. 

This has prompted them to learn, what is venture capital (VC) and what the tips for a successful VC are, to get them the additional funds they need. For any aspiring venture capitalist, it is highly encouraged to learn what the venture capital advantages and disadvantages are to help them assess if it is worth a try or not.

meaning of venture in entrepreneurship

What is Venture Capital?

Before getting yourself into the world of startup entrepreneurs, it is helpful if you learn what is venture capital first. Knowing what venture capital is can help you achieve success in this industry as long as you integrate useful ideas which you and other people came up with in a meeting because as they all say, “two heads are better than one.”

To give you an idea what venture capital is, it is a form of a loan or financing which investors grant to a startup company as an additional investment capital. VC’s are there to aid in boosting the funding available to a startup venture to help them set up and start operating their business.

Since a venture capital business also employs the same business principles as other corporate entities, there are several venture capital advantages and disadvantages you should know before starting one.

Venture Capital Advantages and Disadvantages

Venture capitalists face many risks in their chosen industry, given that financing startups can lead to either a successful venture startup or a failed one. Venture capital advantages and disadvantages include:

  1. Frequent meetings or conferencing with approved innovation startups.
  2. Mentoring others with ideas you can share.
  3. Career or professional growth.
  4. Every decision must be made in the boardroom or through a meeting.
  5. Part ownership.
  6. Associated risks.

These pros and cons all highlight the meaning of venture in entrepreneurship. Several tips for a successful VC should be implemented to avoid drawbacks and make a start up venture a success.

venture capital advantages and disadvantages

Tips for a Successful VC

If you want your VC to be successful, several ways or techniques should be implemented to ensure success. Some of the tips for a successful VC include:

  1. Invest in talent and hard work.
  2. Collaborate with others.
  3. Value your corporate investors.
  4. Be dynamic.
  5. Look at patterns and develop an effective marketing strategy.

With these tips, you are surely going to become a good if not, great VC in the market. This can give an additional meaning of venture in entrepreneurship.

Meaning of Venture in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship requires aspiring business owners to face risks and do their best to achieve success. Several tips can be implemented by aspiring venture capitalists to ensure they will have a successful VC in the market. Before starting out on this business, aspiring VC entrepreneurs must assess if they can minimize the disadvantages that this enterprise can give them and maximize advantages to ensure all their hard work and investment will be worth it.

emerging trends in business

The business industry is a constantly changing one, given that most businesses adjust to the ever changing needs of the market. In turn, keeping up with business trends you should know is imperative, especially since this can help make or break your business and keep it going.

Many emerging small business trends followed by then-aspiring entrepreneurs, helped them achieve certain degrees of success and made their companies one of the most stable ones today.

emerging small business trends

Reasons to Keep Up with Emerging Small Business Trends

Over the years, previously emerging small business trends have enabled many business owners to observe an increase in market visibility, sales, and overall market performance. This indicates that one should not underestimate the power of emerging small business trends, or ignore them altogether, because who knows, a trend you’ll follow might work to your advantage.

Emerging small business trends can help you tap the potential of your business to grow, which in turn, can lead you to establish your brand in the market. Keeping up with the latest emerging small business trends will surely aid you in making your brand huge and make it stronger in the future. 

Business Trends You Should Know Today

The first thing to know is that online search isn’t going anywhere, in fact it is growing more and more each year. Just look at an industry like movers even, just do a quick search for “piano movers milwaukee” and see how many businesses are vying for the top spot there. If you aren’t competing in this realm you are missing out on a goldmine of customers.

There are many business trends you should know today which is essential to keep your brand dynamic. A dynamic business usually survives longer in the market because of how these business trends you should know, cater to the evolving market, thereby ensuring a continuity of consumers patronizing your brand. Some of these business trends include:

  1. Crowdfunding
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Using Various Media Marketing Ads
  4. Hiring a Subject Matter Expert for a B2B Company
  5. Training Millennials to Become Leaders
  6. Using Social Media as a Primary Communication Tool to Reach Audiences
  7. Serving a Diverse Market

With these business trends, you are sure to garner diverse results yet positive experiences, which can help you establish your brand both in the local and in the international markets.

emerging trends in business

Sustaining your Business Operation Using New Trends in Entrepreneurship

Many global leaders in the business industry suggest, that for any aspiring entrepreneur, he or she must keep up with the new trends in entrepreneurship each year to drive their business into becoming one of the most established ones in the world.

The process of keeping up with these new trends in entrepreneurship may be difficult, but it is necessary for you to sustain your business operations for a longer time. A brief analysis of the latest entrepreneurship trends can be summarized as Youth, Women, Diversity.

Operating your business in a way which is geared towards these markets can greatly showcase your company’s dynamism. By pairing new trends in entrepreneurship with emerging trends in business, you are sure to maximize the potential of your business.

Keep on Updating the Emerging Trends in Business

Emerging business trends have enabled many business owners to become aware of starting businesses geared towards the constantly changing market. Examples set by big companies have emphasized how these emerging trends in business have helped them establish their brand, and in turn, you should keep up with them too. One of those is b2b sales outsourcing which can help you build your business well. 

So, updating your knowledge with the new trends in entrepreneurship and the emerging trends in business is sure to help you uncover your venture’s potential. If you are needing some help in your business then we suggest hitting up Vibranium SEO who is a Springfield, MO SEO company that gets great results for their clients. 


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A lot of market analysis and planning go into any successful internet store. If you understand how to generate more traffic and attract visitors, then your grooming information website’s future definitely looks promising. Here are some general rules for making sure that your website fits that description.

At the point when planning a site, you ought not ignore the white space. These white zones can be full of advertisement standards and special pictures. Make sure your promotions are effectively displayed to generate the most traffic. A clean design is important in being in a position to keep visitors on a grooming information website.

To ensure your grooming information website’s content is up-to-date and relevant, observe the content on leading websites in your industry and see what the hot topics are. If you use your own personal experiences and views when you write, people will begin to relate to you. Be sure to upload fresh content frequently since search engines love it. Utilizing the internet, you can easily find proficient wrtiers to enlist too.

The construction of the grooming information website has an enormous impact on the user’s overall experience. With regards to the substance of a site, it ought to be charming and available while the navigation should be appealing and uncomplicated. If your website is boring or hard to navigate, visitors won’t hesitate to go elsewhere. Visit other mens style sites relevant in your industry and find out about how they reach their customers and keep relevant substance and conversation happening on their pages. You’ll see many sites that also perhaps feature things like the top rated Invicta watches or the best beard trimmers will have a unique design that shows the products they are talking about as the centerpiece of the whole article.

A web company that doesn’t fail or falter on different browser types is much more likely to be successful. Site traffic will increase drastically if users are in a position to access it on any browser or on any device. On the flip side, a site that is only compatible with a limited number of web browsers will lose you a lot of traffic. The person best able to help you with problems of browser compatibility is your grooming information website designer; he or she’s your best friend in this area.

Boost overall sales by developing symbiotic marketing campaigns that complement each other; your virtual world promotions should dovetail with those at your brick and mortar location. A physical store is a strong marketing point for most customers; they like to understand that in addition to being online, the company hires real people to work in a real business in the real world. Every time you use your logo on correspondence, advertising or marketing materials, you cement your brand more firmly in the minds of your customers. Often, customers feel better about spending their dollars online with a company that has an established physical location.